Appendix E. Thomas Diehl's Acknowledgements


The following acknowledgments are the ones of the first author of this document: Thomas Diehl.

The errors in this document are mine, of course. What is usable is mostly due to people in the KDE project who explained this stuff to me. I would like to thank all of them here. Special credit goes to:

  • Juraj Bednar, i18n coordinator (and sometimes co-coordinator;) who introduced me to KDE translation with incredible patience and an often even more incredible sense of humor

  • Tobias Burnus, former webmaster of and original author of all the statistic pages and archives most translators can hardly live without: thanks for a lot of assistance with all the technical issues in this area

  • Matthias Kiefer, Developer of KBabel, kdedict, documentation guru of the German team, main source for Emacs settings, and always lending a helpful hand with translation issues

  • Christopher Kuhi who produced most of the chapter on GUI translation from a German HOWTO on this subject (and is going to be checking everything for grammar and spelling mistakes ;-)

  • Stephan Kulow, grandmaster of the CVS, maker of the groundwork for almost all things having to do with KDE translation, spiritus rector for both the i18n and the documentation teams and mediator between techs and non-techs: thanks for all his good advice with the many problems that I (as a non-programmer) always have with KDE programming issues

  • Frank Schütte rewrote the part on doc translation after the transition to the PO format for translation of documentation.