Mailing List kde-bugs-dist

In KDE, there is a mailing for notification of every change in KDE SVN. This mailing list is called kde-bugs-dist. The mailing list is read-only. If you want to reply to a message, please do it to the corresponding bug report.


This mailing list is with very high traffic. It is recommended to have a (cheap) broadband Internet connection if you want to subscribe to this list.

You can subscribe it at its Mailman interface.

The archive is at (The archive is public.)


Subscribing to this list is of limited use for a translator, as mostly the bugs reported will not have anything to do with translations. It can only be useful to find translation bugs reported to an application instead of being reported as "l10n" bug (and to move such bug reports). Mostly for translators it is easier to query for the "l10n" bugs when they have time to do it, especially if there are interested only in their own language.