Specialized Programs and Modules

The following tools can make your life as a KDE translator a lot easier. Do not worry if you do not understand the feature listings in the respective chapters of this HOWTO on first sight. You will understand them as soon as you know how GUI and doc translation really work.

...for GUI Translation

Currently apart from just using your favorite editor you have basically the following five options:

  • Lokalize by Nick Shaforostoff: the recommended program for GUI translation at the moment

  • Kate: powerful text editor with PO-file highlighting capabilities

  • VirTaal: Python-based PO-editor with straight-forward interface

  • poEdit: Gtk-based PO-editor

  • and the GNU Emacs PO module (po-mode.el)

Features and advantages to using some these specialized programs are listed in the appropriate section on GUI translation.

...for Doc Translation

Since the switch to PO format for the Doc Translation, there is no real difference between GUI and DocBook translation.

  • Like for GUI translation Lokalize is the recommended program for Doc Translation, too.