Appendix C. Tools and Resources for KDE Translators

The following is mainly a reference section of the most important of the resources that have been described throughout this HOWTO — a reference of the files that are to be translated, of statistics about the present status of these files and of many other useful things we all need in the process of KDE translation. But there are also some additional items that have not been mentioned so far.

The i18n Server

Chances are that you know the l10n server already, simply because it is the home of this document. If you do not, you should do a look around as soon as possible since many of the resources for translators are located there, including now a "tools" page: a listing of specialized programs for translators and documenters which are available on the server. Every feedback and contribution to the material (tools, scripts, Howtos) is highly welcome as stated in the original announcement. The person in charge for the i18n server is (at the time of writing this document) Nicolas Ternisien (technical side, managing the web server and the scripts).